Container tracking

MTO uses the latest programs to provide its customers with real-time information and provide critical information beforehand, rather than reacting to the customer’s demand for it.
Our tracking service is divided into two phases:


The customer receives an e-mail containing information on the journey, such as the date and time of acceptance, the details of the vehicle used and the container code.
This document serves as a guarantee for the customer, who can correct any errors and thus reduce any extra costs.


The customer is notified via e-mail when our driver reaches the warehouse for loading or unloading of the goods.
If the vehicle is on schedule, the actual time of the operation, the associated code and the transport specifications are communicated.
If there is a delay, on the other hand, the driver’s name and telephone number are also provided, together with the vehicle registration number, and the reasons for the delay in the Logbook section.

MTO wants to ensure its customers receive the best tracking service possible. That is why it intends to use tracking, in the future, to inform customers, on arrival of the vehicle at the port and management of the container.

MTO container tracking satisfies the highest levels of customer service. Try it!