We are the Finsea Group’s logistics operator.

We have been in this business for more than twenty years, and our core business is road and rail transportation of containers. We guarantee our clients service in all ports in Italy and on the main European routes, and we are the only ones in Italy that offer this coverage. For a number of years we have also been involved in exceptional transport, as well as unitising and emptying at ten ports in Italy.


We started out as a logistics office for the Group’s shipping agencies, dealing with transportation and all accessory operations for Yang Ming Italy, China Shipping, Uasac Italy, and Grimaldi, via Intersea.

Since then our sector has undergone significant changes: the mergers we have seen in recent years in the container world have involved us very closely, and two of our most important ship owners have set out on new ventures.


Today we are still the logistics operator for Yang Ming Italy and Intersea/Grimaldi, and also see to transportation for two NVOCCs_ Sarjak and Emkay, but we have also launched out on a new route, offering our experience to Italian shippers, with whom we have begun working. This has allowed us to become a reference logistics operator for merchant haulage as well, for all shipping companies.

Inside mto

We are a services company, made up of people. We believe in people and invest in people. We look after ourselves and our relations with others.

It is precisely due to the tenacity, enthusiasm, and grit of our personnel that our Company has been able to reinvent itself at a time of great crisis. Over the years, two of our major ship owners have set out on new ventures. Within a few months we lost almost 65% of your turnover, and there have been times in which out optimism has wavered. What could be do? We had to options: curl up in discomfort or react, rolling up our sleeves.

Thanks to the soundness of the Finsea Group, our entire team was confirmed: together we have been through months of lost of meetings and proposals, considered various ways forward, studied data and analyses, and together we found a solution, we encouraged and supported each other.

Today, ours is a story of entrepreneurial success, thanks to our knowledge of the market, our experience, the determination of our personnel, and the stability of the Group of which we are a part. And this is what we are able to offer our clients: the guarantee that we will always find a solution, applying the same tenacity that brought us through the most complex of times.


Within inside MTO you will find a bit of all of us, out of and inside the office: who we are, what we like, what our dreams are. Find out about us in our interviews.